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Dentures & More / Coastal Dental Services is a Group Practice located in Jacksonville, Florida.   Coastal Dental Services was founded in 1976 by Dr. Robert B. Davis.   The practice was originally operated in Southeast Georgia and had four locations in St. Marys, Waycross, Brunswick, and Woodbine Georgia.   In 1981 Coastal Dental Services moved to Jacksonville, Florida.   At this time, Dr. James R. Hulfeld joined the practices and Coastal Dental grew to an additional two offices there.   Today, the Georgia offices have been closed and Coastal operates with the two Jacksonville, Florida offices. 

In 2004, we began operating under the common tradename:  Dentures & More, and the group practices as an Interdisciplinary Operation offering Dental Impants and Implant Retained Dentures in addition to conventional denture services.   The Westside Office offers general dentistry services in addition to denture services while the Southpoint Office concentrates solely on the denture patient and immediate dentures, emergency surgical services and Implants for one or multiple teeth.

Dr. Davis operates the Southpoint Office [I-95 at Butler Blvd.].  Until his retirement in January 2011,  Dr. Hulfeld operated the Westside Office

Dr. Davis provides the Denture, and Surgical & Implant treatment in the Southside (Salisbury Road) Office.

Coastal Dental Services primarily treats edentulous patients and patients who need dental surgical services to transition from a deteriorated natural dentition condition into dentures.   Our Doctors have developed skill and expertise in both diagnosing and differentiating those cases needing our services and in the treatment for these individuals.  

After Dr. Hulfeld retired in January 2011, the Westside Office was sold and renived from the Dentures & More/Coastal Dental Services operation and management system.

Today, Coastal Dental Services/Dentures & More owns and operates only the Southside Office located in the Southpoint Business area at 4402 Old Salisbury Road.

Additionally we offer Dental Implants for both individual tooth replacement and for the purpose of retaining/stabilizing dentures for patients with problem dentures and those needing additional retention and stability from their dentures.
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