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      For patients who complete this online form, we are offering a free dental consultation to determine your dental health requirements, financial options, and life-improving dental solutions. A full exam including x-rays and treatment plans is also available for only $85.00, which you may choose to do if necessary after your free consultation with Dr Davis. 

      We are generally able to begin your treatment the same day or you can schedule your appointment the same week so you can begin taking steps to improve your health, lifestyle, and appearance as quickly as you are ready. 

      Additionally, after you complete this form you will be taken to a webpage which will allow you to explore insurance and affordable financial solutions, and download an editable document for our new patients that you may fill out at your convenience then fax, email, or bring with you to your appointment.

     Please note on the form how you found our website, if you have a treatment plan or referral from another dental practice or surgeon, and if you would prefer to be contacted via telephone, email, or text message to schedule your appointment.   
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