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Vendors/Others Contact Us Page:
(Vendors, Advertisers, Insurance Companies, Suppliers, and any Business or Financial Inquiry for all administrative contacts).

If you are a Vendor, Advertiser, Insurance Company, Supplier, Bank or Financial Services Operation, any other Business, or for any administrative issue please contact us according to the following memo:

Please do not attempt to use the U.S. Postal Service to send us any Bill, Statement, Receipt, Payment, Invoice, Inquiry, or any other contact by mail. Regardless of whether mail has been addressed to our P.O. Box or Street Address, we frequently do not receive mailings sent via the Postal Service. The mail service is just too unreliable to trust for us to consistantly receive important papers such as Statements, Invoices, or Billings.

For Certified Mail, the Postal Service is acceptable.

This has increasingly become a serious issue for us over the past several years, and has created some very big problems for us and our Business Partners. Therefore we request that none of our business relationships utilize the mail service to contact us unless absolutely necessary and other means of contact are not available or appropriate.

If you need to have an overnight letter delivery, bulk item or parcel delivered, please use any of the parcel services and address your shipment to:

4402 Old Salisbury Road
Jacksonville, FL 32216-6128

Accordingly, depending on your capability, please address all Bills, Statements, Receipts, Payments, Invoices, Inquiries, Patient Insurance Forms, etc. by way of e-mail (preferably), fax, or ground parcel service as follows:

1. Preferred modality: e-mail to one of the following e-mail addresses depending on the department you want to contact:

Accounts Payable

Banking and Finance

General Information

Insurance Questions

2. 1st Alternative: Facsimile: (904) 296-0147

If neither of these two are suitable for your purposes, and you must try the Postal Service, below are our mailing addresses (remember the mail service is inconsistent, and if you attempt to contact us this way and you do not receive a response, suspect that we did not receive you mailing):

3. 2nd Alternative: 

P.O. Box 550660 
Jacksonville, Fl 32255-0660
4402 Old Salisbury Road
Jacksonville, FL 32216-6128

Lastly, if you need to contact us pursuant to billing issues or other administrative issue, please do not attempt to call. Our published telephone numbers are reserved for patient incoming calls and we will not address administrative, business, or billing issues verbally on the telephone or during office hours. Please respect our business operation and time by utilizing the above referenced contact modalities. We monitor our various e-mail accounts throughout the day and you will receive a response & resolution to your requests more timely by contacting us via e-mail.

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