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Specials & Promotions

How to redeem Specials, Promotional Offers, & Discounts:

1. When calling to schedule for your initial appointment, tell the Receptionist that you saw the special/promotion and that you want to be scheduled for that offer.

2. When you present for your appointment, please advise the Receptionist upon sign-in that you are here for the Special Offer.

3. Not all of our offices necessarily accept every promotion. Each Special/Promotion will include which office(s) participate with that offer. Please check each Special/Promotion explanation for participating offices.

4. Services for all Special Discount programs by cash payment only.

Free X-ray & Evaluation:

This is a familiarization promotion is specifically for patients who are looking into Dental Implants to secure/stabilize their loose dentures, or for individual or multiple tooth replacements with Dental Implants. This is also useful for people wanting a 2nd opinion for a treatment that has been proposed elsewhere -- just tell us you are looking for a 2nd opinion and we will gladly counsel you on any other proposal you may have received.

Having the ability to come in to speak with the Doctor and receive an evaluation and overview on the possibilities of treatment and obtain a general feeling as to both the scope of the procedures and it's cost -- without incurring a charge or an obligation beyond this initial visit -- is designed to assure the prospective patient that there will be no hard sell or promotion -- only a truthful evaluation of your condition and treatment possibilities and our recommendations.

This appointment will last approximately 10 to 15 minutes with the Doctor at no charge to you.

This promotion is for the Southside Office only and expires effective December 31, 2015.

Please tell the receptionist when you call to schedule that you want to be seen under the "Free Evaluation Special".

[Free X-ray and Evaluation offer is for Dental Implants & Implant Retained Denture cases only -- for all other treatment applications this will apply as a credit upon completion of treatment -- in order to redeem this offer, must advise office when making your appointment that you are scheduling for this special offer]]

Free or Discounted Surgical Dentures:

This promotion applies to large surgical cases that involve the removal of 10 or more teeth per arch and where pre-prosthetic surgery includes advanced surgical procedures, grafting, &/or Implants.

Our surgical denture procedure provides for the Immediate Denture in larger cases to be considered a transitional prosthetic device. This is due to the great amount of changes that occur to the ridges from the surgical procedure and the post-surgical shrinkage through the healing and stabilization period. Refer to our section on the Immediate Denture Procedure under the "Services" tab in the top menu bar for a more detailed explanation of the dynamics of this category of treatment.

In cases where the surgical procedure is more minor or does not include many teeth, grafting, or advanced pre-prosthetic surgery procedures, we will still discount the surgical dentures up to 50% depending upon the treatment to be rendered.

Each case will be evaluated individually and the circumstances of each case will be discussed and explained in detail during your examination and treatment planning appointment.

This promotion is for the Southside Office only and expires effective December 31, 2015.

Please tell the receptionist when you call to schedule that you want to be seen under the "Free/Discounted Surgical Denture Special".

[Free Denture Program not applicable to all cases -- applies only for completed surgical cases -- Cash payment only for this promotion]

15% Discount Program

We advertise in some publications a 15% discount program. To redeem this discount you must either bring the ad from the publication you saw it in, or print this coupon out and present it to the Receptionist upon first signing in for you initial visit. This coupon provides a flat 15% reduction of any service we provide that is quoted at our regular (not otherwise discounted) fees.

Services provided under this program cannot be financed through our financing programs and these services must be paid in either cash or with a check.

[You may select any other discounted service that we may from time to time offer in lieu of this discount, but only one discount will apply].

Any discount offer will be based on our regular fees -- only 1 discount applies. Payment by Cash required.

The monetary value of any discount will be subtracted from the fee for dentures/partial dentures.

Offer expires December 31, 2015.

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