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Before/After Pictures

In this section we provide pictures of some of our recent surgical cases. These pictures are categorized by age and sex, and will provide the viewer a pre-surgical picture taken at the time of the initial evaluation and a post-surgical picture taken at the 2-week Post-Operative appointment. These pictures are exactly as the patient looked both immediately pre-operatively and then two weeks after their surgery. None of the pictures are touched-up in any way --- what you see is just as it is. You may notice some minor residual swelling, bruising, or chaffed lips, but generally you can see that by the time two weeks has elapsed after surgery, patients who have gone through the surgical process to remove all their natural teeth and transition into dentures look fairly presentable.

When viewing these pictures, please understand that the dentures in these pictures are the initial dentures serving as the surgical splint and as a transitional denture.

Each case presents widely varying surgical demands yielding differing results, and, in cases where some natural teeth are retained, the denture has been made to relate to the natural teeth; and this may result in alignment/esthetic issues. 

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