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How Our System Works

Our offices and Doctors treat people who need Dentures.  Either those whose natural teeth are no longer serviceable or are non-treatable and need to transition into dentures -- or people who are already wearing dentures.

We counsel with our patients to find the best solution for their dental treatment needs -- often we can help people save some or all of their teeth if their preference and condition warrants; and other times extractions, surgery and dentures is the best treatment. Frequently we find a more affordable alternative treatment that will save the best of their teeth and remove the rest, and fit them with dentures or partial dentures.

We have treated denture patients exclusively since our inception and that's all we do. We have treated more than 20,000 denture patients and over 10,000 denture surgical cases -- along the way we have developed our own proprietary treatment system that is quick and efficient, effective and affordable.

We can perform all the requisite surgical services in one appointment and insert the surgical dentures immediately upon completion of the extractions and dental surgery procedures -- hence the common name: "Immediate Dentures" for the surgical denture.

We recommend accepting the surgical denture as a transitional denture and surgical splint, not a long-term treatment prosthesis. We advise replacing this denture 9 to 12 months after the surgical procedure because the ridges change significantly following surgery. This factor -- ridge changes in the form of post-surgical shrinkage -- generally renders the surgical denture poorly suited for use beyond the first year - prolonged use of the surgical denture places the patient in jeopardy of creating irreversible damage to their ridges. Our recommendation to replace the surgical denture 9 to 12 months after surgery is the reason we offer our surgical dentures at discounted fees - often in larger surgical cases, the surgical dentures may be provided without cost that's right, they can be FREE! [The "discounted/Free" surgical denture program available only in Southside Office.]  Click here to learn more about this special and the dates of applicability.

Many general dental offices will also treat the surgical denture patient. But, not having their own lab, they have to use a commercial lab to make the surgical denture thereby increasing the cost. Also, most usually they will refer the patient to an Oral Surgeon to perform the surgical procedure and extractions. This treatment system creates overlapping treatment, duplication of effort, more appointments, and involves outsourcing services - all resulting in higher costs for the patient.  With this system, the patient simply cannot justify discarding this more expensive immediate denture after the healing period. Because of the increased cost they will try to get more use from it and tend to continue to wear the surgical denture beyond the healing period. Even if they have it relined they will still end up with a bulky denture that does not relate optimally to the ridges, or to the opposing arch. This generally results in the patient being left with a denture that is less effective, often less esthetic, and one that could potentially render irreversible damage to their ridges.

With our system, the same office and, frequently, the same doctor handles both the services of making the denture and performing the surgery. This more efficient system eliminates the need for commercial labs and outside surgeons. No overlapping services or duplication of treatment results in greater efficiency, quicker service, and overall reduced fees for the patient and ultimately a more effective long-term product.

Where most conventional dental offices take weeks, or even months, to provide a denture, we can do it easily within two weeks, and in most cases the process is completed inside of one week. We even provide one-day, and same-day, dentures for special circumstances on a pre-arranged or emergency basis [check with each office individually to determine that office's completion time-frame policy]. With our own "in-office" laboratory, we can make the surgical denture at substantially less cost, and in instances of large surgical cases, offer the surgical denture at no cost as a service for our patients.

If you, a family member, or acquaintance need to have the remaining natural teeth removed for an immediate denture, then we believe our system is your resource. 

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