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Denture Labeling Service

Labelling your denture is a good idea for patients who are a Resident in a Health-care facility such as a Rehabilitation Center, Retirement Center or Nursing Home.

More frequently than you would imagine, dentures are lost during a brief stay in a Hospital or Rehabilitation Facility.

In instances wehre the misplaced Denture was labelled, it increases the chances that the denture can be returned to its owner.

If the denture is actually lost, we will cooperated with the responsible facility to provide a replacement that, as closely as possible, will replace the lost plate with one as similar as possible.

One very important issue to take into consideration is that frequently dentures lost during a Hospital or Rehabilitation Center stay are old and in a poor state of repair.  When replacing these dentures, the patient will notice a difference as the feel and look of the missing denture often cannot be accurately reproduced. 

Additionally, it is important to understand that the facility will not replace an old and worn denture with a denture other than a lesser expensive denture, so if your dentures are not old or worn, you may want to consider having it labelled.

Fees for this services will vary depending on the circumstances unique to each denture case.  Ask your office for a quote --


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