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Denture Repair Services: » Policy

All denture repair services are performed on a cash payment basis.   We do not accept checks or credit cards for these services for several reasons:

1)     Denture repairs are done quickly and we generally do not have a time to establish a working relationship with the people who require this service.  

2)     Our technicians require immediate payment for their services.  

3)     Many times repairs are performed on old and/or worn out dentures – which is the underlying cause of the fracture.   These repairs are generally not effective except but to put the denture back together and do not address the underlying cause of the fracture or breakdown.   In these instances the repair serves as a time bridge until the denture can be replaced.  Unfortunately, most people simply do not understand and/or accept this fact and are looking for this type repair to “fix” all ills of their broken denture.

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