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Dentures for Patient Resident Facilities

Many residents of Patient Resident Facilities are denture & partial denture wearers.   Most of these facilities have no way to treat their resident patients in their facility.

We will gladly treat any of these patients in our offices.   Our offices are handicap-accommodated offices and we can accept wheelchair patients.  Contact the medical services counselor within any such facility and have them contact the office of your choice for us to provide the denture services your family member or friend requires.

Our only requirement is that patients from such facilities have the physical ability to be transported to the dental office.   We can treat patients who are unable to walk or who have to remain in a wheelchair, but an escort from the Nursing Home or Rehabilitation Facility must accompany patients who either cannot be moved from a wheelchair into a dental chair or need to be lifted to move from their wheelchair into the dental chair.

Currently only the Southside Office [Southside Officeis a provider of the Florida Medicaid Adult Denture program and will gladly provide dentures to eligible patients under this program.  For facility residents who are not eligible for the Florida Adult Medicaid program, you may contact us directly to arrange for treatment services.   Non-Medicaid eligible patients will be treated the same as those who are Medicaid eligible, with the exception that arraignments for the special Resident Facility reduced fees will need to be made prior to the services being rendered. The family members of non-Medicaid patients will be notified either directly from us, or from the patient's Facility to advise them of the fees for their relative's treatment. The responsible family member(s) then can make arrange financial arrangements directly with the Coastal Dental Services Southside Office.  Your facility’s medical treatment adviser will assist you in obtaining transportation from the facility to our office for treatment. [Southside Office only]

We offer an online payment service to facilitate the ease of out of the area family members paying for their family member's services ---

Our fees for Resident Facility Patients are significantly less than standard fees charged by Dentists in the area, and will be made available to all Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Facility patients.

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