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Payment for Services

All treatment requires either payment at the time of service or definitive other arrangements.  

We do accept Credit Cards and cash -- also checks on limited basis with proper validation.

Insurance is accepted upon proper validation -- check with the billing/finance person in your office to determine if your Insurance is one we work with.  In instances where treatment is less than $1,000.00, we will accept payment from the patient and will fill out your insurance papers for you to file and obtain reimbursement directly to you.

For larger cases, we have two convenient Treatment Finance Options.  We strongly suggest that you consider either of these two plans in cases that are more advanced and more expensive.   Click this link to review the Treatment Finance Options: 


You may make an application directly through this link with either Plan.

Each office will have minor policy variations so make sure you check with your treatment office for that offic's unique payment policies.

Cash & Credit Cards   
Treatment Finance Plans
Dental Insurance
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