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The Cost Differences of Dental Implants

The Cost of Dental Implants:

Since the dental implant case may be as simple as a single implant or as intricate as a whole mouth consisting of up to 8 implants per arch, prices will vary greatly.

Cost is always a consideration and while finances may not be the only determinate for the type of implant case you decide on, it is certainly a factor that must be taken into consideration when making a decision about dental implant cases.  Therefore a frank discussion of the expense related to any type of case will be reviewed with your Doctor prior to commencing any dental implant case.

Remember, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible for a patient to accurately compare fee quotes for implant cases.  This is because there are so many ways to handle the IROC case and each individual has circumstances and requirement/needs/desires unique to them, that it is virtually a requirement to have your Doctor explain the details and nuances of each individual case.

If you have any further questions about the dental implant technology feel free to call the office and schedule an appointment for an examination and consultation for your implant case.

Remember, that any money spent for your examination and evaluation will be deducted from the final payment of your completed treatment case.

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